i-ACT empowers individuals within communities, institutions, and governments to take personal responsibility to act on behalf of those affected by genocide, mass atrocities, and crimes against humanity. i-ACT is a global team dedicated to putting a face on the numbers of dead, dying, and displaced while creating mutually enriching relationships between those in danger and those willing and able to act, fostering a new culture of participation.

i-ACT, a South Bay-based grassroots organization, combines innovative technology with personal connection to help victims of mass atrocities and crimes against humanity.  i-ACT goes beyond reporting on the current situation of victimized populations by putting a face and a voice to the numbers, creating a venue for advocacy and on-the-ground change.

i-ACT officially became an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2009.  Previously, it had existed as a portion of Stop Genocide Now, which was founded in 2005 by Gabriel Stauring and Rachel Veerman.  The two organizations branched off into separate directions as i-ACT became involved in more projects focused on humanitarian aid, education, and technology.   i-ACT is the only group from the United States that consistently returns to the Darfuri refugee camps in Eastern Chad, and is widely acknowledged as the expert organization.

i-ACT is now a team of five full-time staff members and 15 active volunteers from all walks of life – including community organizers, software engineers, psychologists, filmmakers, writers, and graphic artists. You can meet a few of our team members here.


  • Visiting the refugee camps in Eastern Chad 19 times since 2005.  The personal relationships with the refugees is i-ACT’s most treasured accomplishment.  i-ACT has friends in camps Djabal, Goz Amer, Kounoungo, Mile, Oure Cassoni, and Farchana.
  • Facilitating the Darfur United men’s team participation in the 2012 Viva World Cup for nationless people in Iraqi Kurdistan and the ConIFA World Football Cup in Ostersund, Sweden in June 2014.
  • Co-creating Little Ripples for refugee children aged 3-6 which provides early childhood education, peace-building and trauma recovery for refugees in Camp Goz Amer with women and leaders in the camp.
  • Training and supporting four refugee coaches, two men and two women, to lead the Darfur United Soccer Academy in refugee Camp Djabal that serves over 2,000 girls and boys ages 6-13.
  • Providing the a Human Rights Library in Darfur refugee camps that allows students, teachers, and community members to learn about their rights, discuss issues pertinent to them, and ultimately prepare themselves to be part of a peaceful Darfur in the future.
  • An active partner of Act for Sudan, a network of 76 American and Sudanese organizations working to bring peace, protection, and justice to Darfur.
  • Coordinating the Carl Wilkens Fellowship, and adult leadership program that builds a permanent anti-genocide contingency in the United States.
  • Partnering with Darfur Dream Team to improve the quality of education, build schools in the camps, and ensure that funds are utilized to make on-the-ground improvements such as putting desks, materials, and floors in classrooms – and roofs on top.
  • Installing three CommKits (a backpack that includes a laptop, satellite modem, camera, and solar-powered and generator charging unit) in Camps Djabal and Goz Amer, and developing a unique social network connecting refugee schools to students in the United States.
  • Facilitating conversations between the refugees and powerful advocates such as The Nobel Women’s Initiative, John Prendergast, and celebrity humanitarians Mia Farrow and Angelina Jolie.  i-ACT is the only organization to hold live-streamed events from a Darfuri refugee camp, including a 4-hour World Refugee Day event, School Assembly, and Town Hall.
  • Taking Camp Darfur and MY HOME exhibits to hundreds of locations throughout the United States to engage and educate people about Darfur and Sudan.
  • Building the world’s largest resource of documentary footage of Darfuri refugees, and providing it for use to advocates, educators, documentarists, and students around the world.

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The Darfur Dream Team

The Darfur Dream Team is a dynamic partnership of organizations and professional basketball players working together on the Sister Schools Program, an initiative to connect American middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities with sister schools in 12 refugee camps in Chad. i-ACT facilitates the mutually beneficial and personal relationships between Darfuri refugee students and U.S. students helping support education in the camps. Learn more…

Triangles of Truth

Triangles of Truth (ToT) is an international movement of students who honor and remember Holocaust victims by working to end present-day genocide. Our mission is twofold: (i) to educate citizens from all walks of life in the history and lessons of genocide and (ii) to guide them as they run their own community-based fundraising campaigns to help meet the immediate humanitarian needs of current genocide refugees. To date, over fifty groups and institutions across four continents have participated, realizing their powerful ability to impact the lives of others, raising $60,000 for anti-genocide civilian protection and advocacy projects. Since May 2011, Triangles of Truth has worked with i-ACT and the United Nations Refugee Agency to support primary education in the Darfuri refugee camps of Eastern Chad. Collectively, we have channeled our proceeds to sponsor geometry kits, writing implements and other necessary schools supplies. The partnership’s next project, Little Ripples, will build the first two-preschools in the region for approximately 8,000 refugee children.