The Team

  • Gabriel Stauring

    Gabriel co-founded Stop Genocide Now in 2005, which gave birth to i-ACT in 2009. He became involved in the situation in Darfur out of a sense of personal responsibility. He believes the power of community and compassion, combined with personal empowerment, can bring about meaningful change. Previously, Gabriel worked as a Family Consultant, providing in-home […]

    Co-founder and Director

    Los Angeles Area

  • Katie-Jay Scott

    Katie-Jay keeps i-ACT running on several levels. Much of her work entails coordinating partnerships with other grassroots organizations and implementing the campaigns developed by Gabriel and seeing through the details. She graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Sociology and a focus on Community Development. She has previously worked as a community organizer […]

    Director of Operations and Community Involvement

    Los Angeles Area

  • Sara-Christine Dallain

    Sara-Christine joined i-ACT to help coordinate Darfur United and the major projects connected with Darfur United including The Academy, the Darfur United adult soccer team and the Darfur United documentary. She holds a Master’s Public Health degree from UCLA and her interests lie in improving the health of the most vulnerable populations in sub-Saharan Africa […]

    Director of Programs

    Santa Barbara, CA

  • Stacey Martino

    Stacey has been to the camps, traveled with Camp Darfur, and helped with the development of Camp Darfur & Voices of America. She has helped with several outreach campaigns and focuses on using the arts to connect people to i-ACT’s work. Stacey has spent the past 20 years combining arts and activism with a focus […]


     Los Angeles, CA

  • Felicia Lee

    Felicia is a Bay Area (Northern California) native, and holds an English degree from University of California, Irvine. As an intern, she contributes to the i-ACT team by helping with tasks ranging from drafting letters to researching sandwich prices; from booking airline flights to editing anything and everything. Felicia hopes to be with i-ACT for […]

    i-ACT Intern


  • Lauren Farello

    Lauren interned with i-ACT over the summer of 2011. Her main project was Bring Guisma Home, a campaign that allows citizens to host home gatherings to inform their friends and family about the atrocities committed in Darfur. She now works on a little bit of everything, including some of i-ACT’s larger projects. Lauren is also […]

    Board of Advisors Volunteer, Former Intern

    Los Angeles/Washington D.C.

  • Jeremiah Forest

    Jeremiah is a social entrepreneur whose vision is a socially conscious business model designed to engage employees and clients in global causes and make a significant difference in the world. He authored a book on the subject and consults with companies to create a work environment where the employees are empowered to make a difference. Why I Act: “I […]

  • Julia Keenan

    Julia is from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She has two older brothers and is a rising junior at Seton Hall University. Julia plays tennis for Seton Hall and when she’s not playing tennis she loves to surf, travel, and play guitar. Julia is a summer intern at i-ACT and she’s been coming up with ideas for a […]

  • Margo Baker

    Margo Baker serves as a Darfur United Coach Ambassador after previously working as the Director of Operations and Academy Manager for the Chicago Red Stars of the National Women’s Soccer League, and Director of Programs for Gonzo Soccer and Leadership Academy. Baker, a Tennessee native, competed collegiately at Freed-Hardeman University where she received her Bachelor […]

  • Hollie Nyseth Brehm

    Hollie Nyseth Brehm is an assistant professor of Sociology and Criminology at The Ohio State University.  She has a Ph.D. in sociology with a focus on human rights, and her research examines the causes and processes of genocide. Hollie has lived in Bosnia and Rwanda, where she interned with the Rwandan National Commission for the […]

  • Andrea Cohen

    Andrea is an avid global human rights advocate. She graduated from Brandeis University in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Global Studies focusing on Human Rights and Africa Studies. She is currently an administrative assistant at the Orange County Musicians’ Association where she assists in advocating for musician union members’ rights. She aspires to break […]


    Orange County, CA

  • Estelle Comment

    Estelle joined i-ACT in 2011, working on the tech team developing code for CommKit and Pazocalo. She says i-ACT has an “open mind for the best usable technology” and this keeps her devoted to the team. She graduated from an MSc at Stanford in electrical engineering in 2011, and now is starting to venture out […]

    Volunteer: Tech Team San Francisco

  • Rachel Veerman

    Rachel is an active member of i-ACT. Her main focus is to teach others that by taking action, one individual can make a difference. She has over 30 years of administrative background and is enthusiastic to share her knowledge to help i-ACT be successful in all their endeavors. Currently she works at the UCLA School […]

    Co-founder, Advisor

    Los Angeles area