i-Play United

i-Play United is about a child’s right and need to play because, through play, children grow and learn. i-Play United will provide an opportunity for children from two different continents—who have gone through very different life experiences—to connect and learn from each other. This friendship will make for stronger communities on both sides of the world.

Project Goals:

  • Collection of sports equipment
  • Fund raising to build schools in the camps
  • Relationship building between children in the camps and MBSS players and families
  • Highlight these efforts at the MBSS Annual Banquet
  • Create awareness of the club’s involvement in this project

Get started by sharing this great video with your player:

i-Play United is a collaboration between i-ACT, a Hermosa Beach based non- profit group experienced in refugee support and relationship building efforts, and Manhattan Beach Sand and Surf Soccer Club (MBSS), an organization experienced in using the game of soccer as a tool to promote a sense of community and the development of complete young men and women. The program?s mission is to create awareness about and provide direct aid to Darfuri refugee children.

i-Play United will provide sports equipment and funds, from i-ACT through the UN Refugee Agency, that will support educational programs for the refugee children. The equipment and the funding will not only have an immediate impact on the lives of the children—the play and education serving as therapy for some of the extreme trauma kids have experienced—but it will also have a long-term impact that is immeasurable, allowing children to have hope for a better future. Another important impact is the relationships that will be nurtured through the program with the children in the camp, for the first time, feeling connected with others outside of the confines of the refugee camp that has been their home for years.

Photos from the first delivery of MBSS Equipment Drive:

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