Live Events

i-ACT uses innovative satellite tools to connect refugees with the world.

From the remote and unconnected Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad, refugees have been able to share their lives, stories, and opinions with the internet users across oceans in real time. Our live assemblies and town halls are posted online and offer viewers the opportunity to send in questions and comments that Darfuris can respond to. We have also connected Darfuri and US students, human rights experts and camp leaders, and funders with recipients in one-on-one sessions. Beyond facilitating questions and answers these interactions create mutually beneficial relationships that build cultural understanding, compassion, and an unlikely global community. One which advocates for peace, protection, and justice.

Previous Live Events:

Darfur Refugee School Assembly – March 29, 2011

In partnership with the Darfur Dream Team Sister School Program, we connected Darfuri students and teachers with their peers across the world. Classrooms, student groups, and individuals tuned in to watch live and submit questions to Darfuri refugees directly.

i-ACT Live Town Hall – December 12, 2010

As part of the Global Days for Darfur in December 2010, i-ACT facilitated a live Refugee Town Hall meeting addressing questions frequently asked questions such as Didn’t we take care of Darfur years ago? Isn’t it more important to deal with the North-South conflict, only a month away from the referendum? Why Darfur, again? Why Darfur, now?

These are questions that i-ACT is frequently asked during presentations, Camp Darfur events, panels, and during community conference calls. Who better to answer these questions than Darfuris themselves. During our ninth trip to the Darfuri refugee camps in December 2010, we offered an hour-long community conversation that began with questions posted online through facebook, twitter, or the comment box by people across the United States and answered by Darfuris themselves. Sudan Now, Enough Project, and Save Darfur embedded the live conversation on their websites and STAND asked their members to participate as part of their ‘Tis the Season to STAND campaign.

World Refugee Day Live 2009

For the first time ever from refugee camps in Chad, i-ACT, in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), connected Darfuri refugees with the world. A few of the highlights include: a live exchange between Darfuri students and students from Northern California; a conversation between Rahma, a 14 year old refugee who wants to be President of Sudan, and leading policy expert John Prendergast from Enough Project; and UNHCR representatives giving the world a tour of the refugee camps. We streamed live for four consecutive hours, while people participated globally by viewing videos, tweeting, and commenting.

Watch live streaming video from refugeedaylive at

Watch live streaming video from refugeedaylive at