i-ACT has been visiting the refugee camps in Eastern Chad since 2005. Our expeditions are an opportunity for interactive activism — where anybody can connect to Darfur refugees on a personal level through videos, images, and blog posts.

Expedition 22: November 2015

i-ACT returns to refugee camp Goz Amer to construct the first three Little Ripples Ponds, in-home, early childhood education centers, engage LR school and new teachers in peer-to-peer education, and assess the ongoing impact of the program.  The team will also launch the 3rd Darfur United Soccer Academy in Goz Amer, which will eventually serve up to 2,000 girls and boys.

Expedition 21: April 2015

On i-ACT’s 21st trip to the region, the team returns to camps Goz Amer and Djabal to work on scaling up the Little Ripples preschool program as Ponds, add to the Darfur United Soccer Academy curriculum, and have conversations with the refugee community about food and general conditions.

Expedition 20: January 2015

On i-ACT’s 20th trip to the region, the team will visit two camps in the northern part of eastern Chad. The team will be implementing a food and cooking assessment, and they are bringing Darfur United Coach Ambassador Rachael Rapinoe to work with refugees on creating DU Soccer Academies in both camps.

Expedition 19: April 2014

i-ACT 19 is focused on the tryouts for the 2014 Darfur United soccer team that will be competing in the 2014 Conifa World Cup. The team will also check in on the progress of the first Little Ripples center.

Expedition 18: February 2014

i-ACT 18 is focused on the Darfur United Soccer Academy and tryouts for the 2014 Darfur United soccer team. The team will also check in on the progress of the first Little Ripples center.

Expedition 17: October 2013

i-ACT 17 will check in on the progress of the first Little Ripples center and begin organizing the first Darfur United Academy with Coach Ambassador Rachael Rapinoe.

Expedition 16: May 2013

i-ACT 16 will check in on the progress of the first Little Ripples center and begin student assessments and teacher trainings. The team will also document newly displaced refugees arriving from Darfur.

Expedition 15: January 2013

Finalized and secured the Little Ripples school site and camp leadership support.

Expedition 14: Nov. 2012

i-ACT 14 will be all about Little Ripples.

Expedition 13: May 2012

i-ACT’s primary focus will be following Darfur United – an all-refugee soccer team set to compete in the 2012 Viva World Cup in Iraqi Kurdistan. The story of Darfur United is a living documentary being told via social media.

Expedition 12: Mar. 2012

i-ACT12 will be focused primarily on team selection for Darfur United, an all refugee soccer team who will travel to Iraqi Kurdistan in June 2012 to compete for the Nelson Mandela Trophy. i-ACT will also be implementing the second R2E Mobile Human Rights Library in Camp Goz Amer.

Expedition 11: Nov. 2011

i-ACT 11 will be partnering with Darfur Dream Team to further school improvements and follow up with students in the Sister Schools program. i-ACT will also be delivering a mobile library.

Expedition 10: Mar. 2011

James, Gabriel, and Estelle travel to the Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad to deliver CommKits, eReaders, and more!  Learn more… 

Expedition 9: Dec. 2010

The i-ACT team–Jame, Katie-Jay, and Gabriel–return as part of the Darfur Dream Team to create personal relationships with U.S. schools and Darfuri students. They leave one CommKit in Camp Djabal and travel to Goz Amer for the first time ever.  Learn more… 

Expedition 8: June 2009

The i-ACT Team is back in Darfuri refugee camps in Chad for 10 consecutive days of video webcasts.  Learn more… 

Expedition 7: Mar. 2009

Gabriel, Katie-Jay and Yuen-Lin head back to Chad amidst the chaos of humanitarian groups being forced out of Darfur.   Learn more… 

Expedition 6: Aug. 2008

Gabriel and Katie-Jay return to refugee camps in Eastern Chad to visit with the surviving victims and to hear their stories. They are there as a part of the Dream for Darfur Switch Over to Darfur program.   Learn more… 

Expedition 5: June 2008

This was the first time KTJ and Gabriel returned to the capital after the attempted coup at the beginning of 2008, this marked the first time in the country for Colin and Scott.  Learn more… 

Expedition 4: Jan. 2008

Gabriel, Katie-Jay, Joshua and Jeremiah return to Chad. Fighting breaks out in the capital.   Learn more…

Expedition 3: July 2007

Gabriel returns to the refugee camps on the Chad – Darfur border, this time with Connie and Yuen-Lin. They visit with the surviving victims of this crisis and hear their stories.   Learn more…

Expedition 2: Dec. 2006

i-ACT returns to Chad for the second time. Gabriel and Stacey visit the refugee camps in Eastern Chad.  Learn more…

Expedition 1: Nov. 2005

Join Gabriel and Chris on i-ACT’s first trip to Chad. For 21 consecutive days i-ACT will webcast the immediacy of the ongoing crisis in Darfur.  Learn more…