myhomeMY HOME is a multimedia experience. The children’s voices, faces, and drawings tell their horrific stories. They also show the beauty and resilience of children who continue to play, learn, and grow. Against all odds, they keep dreaming and hoping for a day when they can walk back home to build a stronger Darfur.

“Home” is a word that evokes images of safety and comfort. Thinking of home usually brings a smile. The faces of the children of Darfur light up when they tell the story of what home used to be. They miss it. When they tell the story of what happened to their homes—on that fateful day that changed their lives forever—they get serious and even detached, their dark eyes lost in their memories. Their current homes are tents.

MY HOME takes you through children’s journeys, a walk from a home that was destroyed—where family and friends were killed, and which now is only in their memories—to a home that is supposed to be temporary—where they stand in lines for handouts, and which gives them a new name: refugee.

The conflict in Darfur has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and displaced millions. The children of Darfur have seen horrors no child should ever see. Over 3,400 villages have been attacked by the Government of Sudan and the Janjaweed, the militia they arm and support. Most of these villages, the homes of children and their families, have been completely burnt to the ground. The United States has declared what is happening in Darfur, genocide.

i-ACT is a small, grassroots team dedicated to putting a face on the numbers of dead, dying, and displaced while creating mutually enriching relationships between those in danger and those willing and able to act, fostering a new culture of participation. i-ACT visits the refugee camps on the Chad-Darfur border on a regular basis. All the children artists and the ones seen and heard through the MY HOME walk are friends.

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Thanks to the kind support from many MY HOME Builders, we are able to present this exhibit, which we hope will be an experience that will move people to reflect—and act. For more information on how to become a MY HOME Builder, please go to our Donate Page.

This is our Building Crew:
Barbara Palant
LaRhonda Kearney
Eric Angel
Yuen-Lin Tan
Rebecca Robinson
Anush Avejic
Lexi Stauring
Kimi Yasunaga Frith
Diane Gandee Sorbi
Teresa Stauring
Robyn Rhodes Kane
Adela Peskorz
K. Melissa Gillespie
Louis “KengiKat” Carr
Zel Helstrom
Sahag Yedalian
Doreen Romney
Martina Knee
Nancy Okie
Suzanna Shatarevyan
Roz Slovic
Virginia Parker
Cristie Scott
John Rizzo
Marvin Steinberg
Susan Morgan
Pamela Omidyar
Kevin Brook
Barbara Scott (Illinois)
Dan McDonald
Kendal McDonald
Table Rock Homeowners Association
Carolyn Au
Jaymi Britten
Barbara Scott (Arizona)
Leslie Maier
Azra Andy Sehic



Take 5 minutes. Give $25. Help millions. Your $25  gift will help us keep MY HOME running.  Be a part of telling Darfuri children’s story.

In August and September 2010, our community raises $2,500 to build MY HOME. Each and every dollar went towards the creation of this exhibit, which will includes Darfuri chidren’s drawings, pictures and video from our trips, and more.

We launched MY HOME on September 19th, 2010, a Global Day of Action and that also coincided with the UN General Assembly being in session.

MY HOME tells the story we’ve heard during our many visits to camps on the Chad-Darfur border, a story about children’s homes, homes destroyed, temporary homes found, and a longing for a return-home.

Our i-ACT team has always been uncomfortable with spending too much energy asking for donations, but we really believe that MY HOME can continue to move and inspire people to act for the children whose stories they are experiencing through the exhibit.

The exhibit MY HOME will keep going for as long as necessary, educating and activating as many people as possible, so your impact will ripple on far beyond limits you might imagine. Learn more with this one page description of MY HOME.

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