Building Community Capacity

Providing a space and the materials for refugees to learn about their human rights and address human rights issues. 


In order for the Darfuri refugees living in camps to benefit from having human rights and be empowered to control their own lives, they must know their rights in the first place. The Right to Education Human Rights Mobile Library (R2E Library) seeks to address the lack of human rights education available to the Darfuri refugee population, including their access to human rights educational tools, materials, and a space where community dialogue surrounding human rights issues may take place.

The R2E Library is a chest full of learning tools, including e-readers loaded with books and documents, maps, utensils, and other resources and curriculum — focusing on human rights. Per requests from the refugee students, it also includes English learning material. Along with the chest, the R2E Library includes tables, chairs, and mats to make a comfortable learning environment. The library is mobile (two donkeys can carry it all), in order for the Library to visit each each school in the camps.

R2E Library program is refugee-led. Refugee adults from each camp are recruited and trained to manage the R2E Library. Trained refugee librarians are engaged in problem solving, literacy, technology, facilitation, and project management skills. As librarians, their role includes bringing the mobile R2E Library to each primary and secondary school in the camp, conducting community outreach to raise awareness of the Library and hosting community dialogues.


Meet R2E Librarians

Umda R2E

Umda Tarbosh

Umda Tarbosh is a natural leader. He was a leader in Darfur, and he was a leader in helping his people escape the violence in his homeland. He is now a teacher in refugee camp Goz Amer, and he assists with all of i-ACT’s projects in his camp, including Little Ripples and the Right to Education Human Rights Library.

Rahma R2E


Rahma is a bright and charismatic young man. He has represented and advocated for the refugees of camp Djabal since he was fifteen years old. Rahma is in charge of the Right to Education Human Rights Library, taking it to the primary schools in his camp. He is also an English teacher for children in his community.



Ahmed is a first grade teacher at camp Goz Amer. Over the last year, he has also assisted i-ACT with the Little Ripples program, serving as a translator at all the teacher trainings. He also is in charge of the after-school activities at the school, facilitating community involvement.


Thanks to the efforts of Human Rights Watch Student Task Force members, two R2E Libraries have been implemented in refugee camps Djabal and Goz Amer. HRW Student Task Force researched appropriate resources and created materials to help refugee student peers explore the meaning of human rights and feel connected to the world.

Support Human Rights Education

  1. Help us continue to send educational materials for the human rights mobile libraries to be delivered to the camps. We are looking for funding for Talking Dictionaries and Arabic/English Dictionary (plus rechargeable batteries), Kindle Keyboards, notebooks and pencils, and specific books researched by the HRW schools.
  2. Help us raise funds to keep a librarian in both camps. It’s only $75/month.

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