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 i-ACT 19: April 29 – May 29

i-ACT19 will be the longest expedition since i-ACT 1 in December 2005. Gabriel and Sara-Christine, along with Darfur United Coach Ambassador Margo Baker, will first organize tryouts for the 2014 Darfur United Squad. Sixty players, the top five from each refugee camp on the Chad-Sudan border, will compete for 20 spots. The final team will have a three weeks to train before traveling to Sweden for the 2014 ConIFA World Football Cup in Ostersund, Sweden. This will be the 2nd international tournament for Darfur United, and there are still so many obstacles to overcome in order to get the team to Sweden.

After tryouts, Nathan Jones from the University of Wisconsin Survey Center will join i-ACT to conduct the one year assessment of our Little Ripples program. In June 2013, i-ACT co-launched with the refugee community the first Little Ripples center for early childhood development. We will conduct our fourth training and explore the next stage, home based learning Ponds.

Follow the journey of i-ACT as we build Tools For Peace with the Darfur refugee community.


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Support Darfur United’s Next Squad!

Help us build the Darfur United squad that will be competing in the ConIFA World Football Cup 2014 in Sweden. Like a coach, send your player on to the field by sponsoring one of the eleven positions.


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