Katie-Jay and I have a new baby, and her name is Leila. She is named after a refugee girl I met in 2007. Leila, the refugee, had the most beautiful smile, and I can guarantee that you would immediately fall in love with her the moment you meet her.

I first saw her briefly on a quick stop at her refugee camp home, Gaga, on our way to another camp. On a second visit a few days later, we got off of the car and asked a little boy, “Leila?” He smiled, pointed, and started walking. After just a few minutes of following the boy, he stops and and points, “Leila!” Here comes Leila walking fast, while at the same time trying to put on her dress, with her arm stuck not quite making it through the sleeve. I don’t believe Leila said a single word while I was with her, but her smile did not stop.

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