As a result of our programs, hundreds of male and female refugees are trained and employed to adapt and lead education, sports, and human rights programs in their communities.


iACT refuses to accept the status quo of humanitarian aid and services for displaced communities. We place the community at the center and look outside the box to create an alternative solution that uses the environmental limitations as assets rather than obstacles. Through an iterative process with refugee beneficiaries, our programs are shaped and molded to be the most effective for each community we work with.

We start by building personal relationships and understanding the needs within refugee communities. Once identified, we conduct research on current programs, models of success, philosophies, resources, and examples of failures. We then form a team of diverse experts to build a framework around a community-driven solution. By partnering with experts dedicated to providing excellence in their line of work, iACT programs begin with the assumption that anything can be delivered or implemented.

The iACT Model